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Mike Vizdos – Dinner (and a Discounted CSM Certification!)

Event Title: Dinner with Mike Vizdos!

When: July 23rd, 2009 (6:00 pm)

Description: This dinner should be a great opportunity for the Phoenix Scrum User’s Group to get together in a more “social” setting to have fun and “ask the expert”.  We’re lucky to have Mike Vizdos join us.  Mike is a Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Entrepreneur at Vizdos Enterprises, LLC.  You can learn more about Mike at either his or the Implementing Scrum website which he also runs.   You may have stumbled upon the famous “chicken and pig” cartoons that he regularly posts on the Implementing Scrum site. 

Location: Aunt Chilada’s Restaurant (Google Map Here)

Please be prepared to share a check with up to four other people at your table.  The restaurant cannot split checks for everyone individually.  Cash is easiest to use in these situations.  Thank you.

PLEASE REGISTER so we can reserve the right amount of space at the restaurant.  If you are already a member of the Phoenix Scrum User’s Group, you have already received an email about this event, please select the registration link in that email.  If you’ve not received that email, please sign-up (on the right), and we’ll get it out to you!!

Discounted CSM Certification: Mike is offering a discount for PHXSUG members that would like to attend his certification course.   With the PHXSUG promotion code, you will be charged only $1095 instead of the normal $1395.  If you are interested in the CSM certification, you should contact Mike.  Reference PHXSUG, and Mike will contact you with further instructions.

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2 Responses

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  1. Perry Reinert says

    This should be a nice casual get together. Does anybody have any ideas for any “extra” things we could do for fun?

  2. Ken Ward says

    A game of Rugby would be fitting! and on the ‘Football’ field would be appropriate.
    I am currently working on developing a training exercise that would incorporate Rugby for a method of teaching the why and how of the relationship Scrum has from the Sport to Software development. Would like to see if any members would be interested in getting into this Scrum on the weekends that I can make it back to Phoenix.