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Thursday, June 16th – Viewpoints: Getting The Most From The Team

When: Thursday, June 16th (6:00pm – 8:00pm)

Infusionsoft (Google Map)
2065 W. Obispo Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233

6:00 – Registration
6:20 – Announcements
6:30 – Begin “Viewpoints: Getting The Most From The Team”
8:00 – Closing Remarks

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Topic:  Viewpoints: Getting The Most From The Team

Managers want to get the best performance and best results from their Scrum teams.  They have experience, knowledge and education full of ideas on how to “get the most” from the people in their responsible area.

Scrum Team members also have ideas about how they can be the best and produce the most possible.  Can their ideas, based on their own training and experience, mesh with what the manager believes?

This meeting will be a facilitated discussion to determine “10 things a manager can do to get the most out of their team.” After we come up with the ideas, we will compare and contrast them to 10 things that a highly agile development team came up with from the developers’ perspective.  Managers and developers want to “get the most.”  Can they get it together?

Speaker Bio:  Roy van de Water

Roy is an Agile consultant for Integrum Technologies. With Integrum, Roy augments struggling teams and helps them to adopt processes that allow them to become highly efficient. By focusing on on inter-personal relationships, Roy believes that a team’s efficiency and productivity can be greatly improved.

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