Where: IntraEdge (Google Map)
5660 W Chandler Blvd #1
Chandler, AZ 85226

6:00 Registration Food and Drink
6:25 Announcements
6:30 Begin the Meeting
8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description:  Agile Coach - Who do you serve?

Agile coaches face many challenges as they help guide organizations to agility. Teams may be hampered by deep and restrictive process. Fixed leadership mindsets might adversely impact transformational efforts. Organizations might view agility as it’s true solution to everything. With these factors in mind, one must ask, who do Agile coaches serve?

Come join us as we explain who we serve and the challenges we face on the road to agility. We will discuss how coaches work with teams on a daily basis, how they establish collaborative relationships while working frequently with leaders, and guide the organization/enterprise on a cadence towards agility for all. 

You will leave this session with tools/techniques/insight to:

  • Enhance your teams ability to solve problems
  • Steer leadership to a “being” Agile mindset vs a “doing” Agile mindset
  • Enhance the vision of agility within the organization

Join us as we discuss the importance of customer empathy through a simulation inspired by Jeff Patton's story mapping technique. In this workshop we will create personas, create a user story map and make connections to how this technique can be used in your business setting. Come prepared to engage in a hands on experience and take with you the know-how needed to facilitate persona creation and user story mapping in your company.

Speaker Bio: Bryan Agosto, Phil Ricci and Joe DeRomanis

Bryan Agosto has worked extensively with Fortune 100 companies nationwide, in charting their course towards business agility and guiding them on their quest to achieve an improvement culture focused on transparency, inspection, and adaptation. He has assisted organizations in discovering more effective practices for managing work and people, at times using tools from the Agile world and other times using more traditional management practices. Bryan's goal is to facilitate the creation of teams that consistently generate value through meaningful products that solve customer problems.

Shaping work using Agile methods has been the Center of Phil Ricci's career for more than 20 years. Phil has successfully guided companies across the country in Agile transformation efforts since 2010. He has worked pursing agile goals in Transportation, Manufacturing, Marketing, Health Care and Education. Assisting transformation at the team, ART, and leadership level, and making it happen in a humanistic way is definitely a passion.

Joe DeRomanis has successfully guided Phoenix area Fortune 100 companies with Agile transformation efforts since 2010. He has helped executives adopt a servant leader mindset while teaching, coaching and influencing agility to teams at all levels. During this time, he has also provided leadership in evaluating the maturity of given Agile frameworks while suggesting improvement opportunities. Within this space, Joe also works to identify and facilitate resolution for interpersonal dynamics that may be impacting a team or organizations ability to achieve success.