Where: Axosoft (Google Map) 13835 North Northsight Boulevard #205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Agenda: 6:00 Registration Food and Drink 6:25 Announcements 6:30 Begin the Meeting 8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description: De-scaling Organizational Complexity with LeSS

Organizations are frequently embarking on large scale product development initiatives that involve hundreds, sometimes thousands of team members. Scale brings in additional complexity, non-linear behavior and risk.  In the pursuit of predictability, control and risk aversion, most organizations end up adding complexity to their context instead of reducing it. In this session Kamlesh Ravlani will discuss Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework and how you can apply it to re-design and descale your organizational complexity to scale (up) the value delivery.  Large-Scale Scrum is Scrum applied to many teams working on one product.  Scrum is almost linearly scalable, hence LeSS framework elements are essentially the same as (one team) Scrum.  LeSS is well balanced between empirical process control and defined elements to work with multiple teams.
He will share elements, experiments and practices from his experience working on multiple large-scale product development initiatives, and applying LeSS framework, to re-design the organizations and to enhance the focus on customer value.
Learning Objectives:
- Understanding of complexity and risk at scale
- Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Framework, Principles
- The need for and ways to reducing complexity

Speaker Bio:  Kamlesh Ravlani

Kamlesh Ravlani is a Scrum and LeSS Trainer, and an Enterprise Agile Coach with Agile For Growth [ http://agileforgrowth.com/kamlesh-ravlani/ ]. He has extensive hands-on experience with large-scale product development, implementing LeSS and helping organizations be Agile at Scale.
Kamlesh has trained over 1500+ Agile leaders, managers, and team members to apply Scrum, LeSS, Google Design SPRINT, and be Agile.