Where: Axosoft (Google Map) 13835 North Northsight Boulevard #205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260   Agenda: 6:00 Registration Food and Drink 6:25 Announcements 6:30 Begin the Panel 8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements 

Description: How Healthy are your Product Teams? Exploring the Lean Product Development!

We've gotten really good at standing up and scaling Agile delivery teams, but now many leaders are realizing the challenge is with the upfront 'Discovery' process and making sure the teams are working on the right deliverables. Through this session we'll dig deeper into what Lean Product Development is about and how you can build stronger product discovery and delivery teams. We'll take a tour of the Lean Product Health radar assessment and provide it as a takeaway activity you can do with your own team!

Speaker Bio:  Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta is the president of Agile Transformation Inc. and an Enterprise Transformation Coach.  She has helped guide several medium and large enterprises through developing a transformation strategy,  roadmap and successful execution. Her company's passion is to help leaders transform their culture and build measurable and sustainable Transformations.  She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is a thought leader in the Agile Transformation space with a special focus on Servant Leadership,  Stable Teams, and Business Agility.