NOTE:  This meeting is one-time only.  It will NOT come to South location (Speaker from out of the country). Where: Axosoft (Google Map) 13835 North Northsight Boulevard #205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Agenda: 6:00 Registration Food and Drink 6:25 Announcements 6:30 Begin the Meeting 8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements
ALSO NOTE:  In this meeting, we'll be playing games that are expected to take the entire time.  We will start on time, and possibly run 30 min longer - to 8:30 (Of course, you may leave whenever you need to).

Description:  The Magic of Involvement!

The importance of involvement and the potential of game-based training has been known since the beginning of mankind. From the early city-states of Mesopotamia and the Pharos of Egypt to the Emperor's Court in China and the Prussian army, board-games and simulations have been used to train and support leadership skills. Simulations offer a highly efficient and engaging method to design meaningful conversations, accelerate understanding of complex issues and anchor new leadership behaviour. Game-based training provides a safe ‘training ground’ where leaders can test different options and learn from mistakes without jeopardising real-life budgets, clients or colleagues. Today’s event will address how to work with change management in an engaging and involving manner and if time allows, we will also touch upon global leadership and the challenges related to creating high performing teams across distances and cultures.

Speaker Bio:  Gitte Pfeffer, Director of International Services at Workz A/S

Gitte is an experienced people leader and has extensive international experience from working several years in the pharma industry and management consulting around the world. She has years of experience leading organizational changes and cultural changes.   Gitte holds a M.Sc. supply chain management from Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA from Scandinavian International Management Institute.  Gitte is passionate about the notion of making business meetings and decision processes more playful and engaging. She is certified facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play® and prefers Lego® bricks over Post-It’s.

Speaker Bio:  Klaus Meier Olsen, Senior Consultant at Workz A/S

Klaus is an experienced facilitator and award-winning designer of business simulations. His passion is to transform a complex subject into engaging and interactive formats that support real-life behavior change in the participants. He has extensive knowledge of change management and leadership development through working with a vast array of private and public clients. Both in Denmark and internationally. Klaus holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Roskilde. When he isn’t working he is an avid reader and designs interactive media about such varied topics as the life of aging rockstars and families living with dementia.

About Workz A/S

Workz A/S is a Scandinavian based change agency. We work with change management, leadership development, organisational culture and the development of game-based tools for involvement and training. Our award-winning portfolio of leadership simulations are distributed globally through a network of international partners.