Where: Axosoft (Google Map) 13835 North Northsight Boulevard #205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Agenda: 6:00 Registration Food and Drink 6:25 Announcements 6:30 Begin the Talk 8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements 

Description:   Scrum and Agile in the Real World: Let's Talk!

Scrum and Agile in the Real World might be a bit different in reality than what the books, training, or other people talk about.  In this 90 minute facilitated discussion, Michael will present a high-level overview of Scrum [in less than ten minutes] to set the context for our evening together. We will create a Product Backlog of your real world questions, issues, concerns, or comments to share with the group. We will prioritize the Product Backlog (we may or may not get to ALL of them... like in the real world!). Based on the items in the Product Backlog, we will execute a few Sprints for discussion and close up the evening with a Retrospective. Besides learning about Scrum (and other agile techniques) using Scrum as the framework for this evening, you may also walk away with new techniques for working with your real world teams in your organization.   You will leave the evening with ONE actionable item to use at work on Wednesday morning. Real life. Let's talk!

Speaker Bio:  Michael Vizdos, Managing Director – Vizdos Enterprises

Michael Vizdos is the creator of ImplementingScrum.com and travels internationally working with clients to improve delivery of products to their customers using Scrum and other Agile techniques. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (since 2006) with over twenty-five years experience in all facets of software development and product delivery. He is active in the Entrepreneurial community and co-founded a Gangplank in Richmond, Virginia (established 2012). He co-authored a book with Scott Ambler about the Enterprise Unified Process and speaks at user groups and conferences about all of the above topics (and more!). Michael Vizdos is a long time PHXSUG supporter and speaker; if you are interested in local training or mentoring, please visit iWantScrumTraining.com and AgileMentoring.com.