Upcoming Agile Events

April 18th [South] - Persona Creation and User Story Mapping Simulation, Nicole Bucher.  Another great topic!! Tonight's food sponsored by IntraEdge - Thank you!!!

May 7th [North] - Confirmed Meeting! (Should be the same topic as April 18th).

This month's sponsors include IntraEdge for venue and food, Axosoft for venue and Solutions IQ for food.


Remember, we'd be in a parking lot - hungry and thirsty if it weren't for our sponsors!  :-)

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Where:  Amazon (Please See Directions!)
222 South Mill Ave,
Tempe, AZ 85281.

6:00 Registration Food and Drink
6:25 Announcements
6:30 Begin the Meeting
8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description: What’s New in SAFe 4.5?

The Scaled Agile Framework has released SAFe 4.5, which is to be leaner, more Agile, and more supportive of faster innovation and learning than any of its predecessors. Moreover, SAFe 4.5 helps enterprises get better, business results, faster, more consistently and reliably.

SAFe 4.5 can be configured to match your organization’s needs. This new version allows companies to:

  • Test ideas more quickly using the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean User Experience (Lean UX)
  • Deliver much faster with Scalable DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
  • Simplify governance and improve portfolio performance with Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) and Lean Budgets.

SAFe 4.5 maximizes the speed of product or service delivery, from initial idea to release, and from customer feedback to enhancements, providing a 360-degree build-measure-learn feedback cycle.

The SAFe 4.5 release focuses on the following key areas of improvements:

  1. Essential SAFe and Configurability
  2. Innovation with Lean Startup and Lean UX
  3. Scalable DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  4. Implementation Roadmap
  5. Other Important Stuff

Speaker Bio:  Rapana Togiai

Rapana Togiai is currently an Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE) for Vantiv Inc., the largest payment processor in the U.S., and soon to be the largest in the world with the upcoming merger with WorldPay. He is leading Agile Release Trains (ART’s) to become more efficient through faster deliveries. In addition, he has supported the Agile and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) transformation company-wide.  See the case study here: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/vantiv-case-study.

In the past, Rapana has assisted other companies in the Phoenix area, such as Apollo Group and Choice Hotels, in their Agile ventures.

Rapana is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), SAFe Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC), and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner.  He regularly provides SAFe training and has recently participated in the inaugural SAFe RTE training. He has been assisting enterprises by using Agile methodologies to deliver significant value and superior products to their customers. Fast, efficient, and great quality is what he is passionate about. As a change agent, he enjoys teaching and coaching organizations to reach their full potential by embracing Agile values and Lean thinking.

Where:  Cohoots    (Google Map)  Want to learn more about Cohoots? (click here!)
221 E Indianola Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

6:00 Registration Food and Drink
6:25 Announcements
6:30 Begin the Meeting
8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description: When are we going to ship? (Answering the hardest “easy question” in software development)

When are we going to ship? It’s a question that’s easy to ask and exceedingly challenging to answer. This talk will focus on what’s required to answer it well, including:

  • Command of agile principles
  • Effective use of agile practices
  • Strong “gut feel” for team dynamics
  • Understanding of risks encountered and tradeoffs made
  • Clear communication to, and resetting expectations of, stakeholders of varying roles, responsibilities, and perspectives

Speaker Bio:  Dave Lesser

Dave Lesser is the Director of Product Innovation for Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) where he leads blue-sky/greenfield product engineering and is jointly-accountable for overall company technology vision, strategy, and execution.  STC is a health technology innovation and services company that facilitates public health information exchange between the clinical care community and health agencies.

In past lives he served as Director of Project Management for Unicon (an education-focused professional services organization), co-founded a $100 MM “extrapreneurial” global trade consulting venture inside of DHL, managed large-scale technology infrastructure projects, and wrote more lines of COBOL than he cares to admit publicly.

*** SEE THE SLIDES:  3 Strategies to create Visibility & Predictability, and you can get the Google spreadsheet here ***

   (Google Map)  Want to learn more about Galvanize? (click here!)
515 E Grant St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

6:00 Registration Food and Drink
6:25 Announcements
6:30 Begin the Meeting
8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description:  Three Strategies to Create Highly Visible and Predictable Teams

Join Jeremy Wilson, as he introduces you to three proven strategies that will help to create project and initiative visibility as well as team backlog predictability. Provide your organization with much better estimates when things will be done, and create a cycle of shared ownership and responsibility for the product plan and outcomes.

Speaker Bio:  Jeremy Wilson

I specialize in leading organizations to be more principled in decision making using Agile in the SDLC, with an emphasis on autonomous teams with a high degree of accountability. My key areas of focus are removing process and impediments, adding automation, creating visibility and teams achieving mastery; which are all essential in a mature engineering organization. I also have extensive experience in replacing legacy software systems with an iterative approach so value can be continuously delivered and the organization can see immediate and frequent value without disrupting the roadmap.

I am at heart an Agile evangelist and have incorporated Agile thought leadership into organizations early on to fundamentally transform software delivery in the enterprise. I work to provide visibility, accountability and predictability into the software development organization.

Hobbies: I am also a published music producer with works on over 20 syndicated TV episodes and have been on 9 major TV networks.


South Meeting


IntraEdge    (Google Map)
5660 W Chandler Blvd #1
Chandler, AZ 85226


6:00 Registration Food and Drink
6:25 Announcements
6:30 Begin the Meeting
8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

*** DOWNLOAD Slides Here:  This Doesn’t Feel Very Agile… ***

Description:  This doesn’t feel very Agile…

It seems most companies are doing some form of Agile these days; but when you speak to people that work in these “Agile” companies, the stories and examples they share seem to be far from the benefits and Utopian environment you’ve been promised Agile will bring. Do you share some of these same pain points and wonder why that might be?

Come and join the conversation around the myths, processes, and practices that many companies experience in their quest to realize the benefits of Agile. There will be a fun and interactive workshop activity to experience these things first hand!

Speaker Bio:  Jeremy Wood

Jeremy has a passion for helping individuals and organizations better understand where they are today, and how to achieve their goals. He has led process improvement, Agile Transformations, customized trainings, Agile adoption strategies, and Enterprise coaching for medium to Fortune 500 sized companies. He is currently the Lead Agile Coach and Delivery Manager for MATRIX Resources in Phoenix. Jeremy also teaches Agile, project management, and process improvement courses at 3 universities for undergraduate and graduate students. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, playing with his labs, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.