Where:  Axosoft    (Google Map) 13835 N. Northsight Boulevard #205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Cost:  There is no cost to you - sponsors have covered the costs. Agenda: 6:00 -  Registration - Food and Drink (no cost - Infusionsoft is Sponsoring) 6:25 -  Announcements 6:30 -  Begin the Panel 8:00 - Closing Messages and Announcements Please Register - If you are already a member of the Phoenix Scrum User’s Group, you have already received an email about this event, just select the "Registration Link" in that email.  If you have not received that email, please sign-up (on the right), and we’ll get it out to you!!

Topic Overview:  The Agile 2015 Conference - What's Hot!!!

Yes, this is the same topic, and same speakers as at the last South Meeting...however, while there will be some of the same content, there will also be a couple different topics. In this modified "Park Bench" format (modified in that they may show a slide or two where it helps), we'll hear from a few lucky dogs that were able to attend the Agile 2015 Conference (in Washington DC!) We'll kick things off with a brief overview of the conference including HOT sessions, topics, and themes at the conference.  After the intro, our panel members will each pick a session they attended and provide the highlights.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions and poke at the interesting points.  More details are coming, but definitely cover the following:
  • Conference Overview
  • Highlights from keynotes (Topics - Superproblems, Improv, and Defensiveness!)
  • Highlights from various other sessions (Topics - Hosting Meetings,  Code Craftsmanship, No Management...)
  • Pointers to lots of resources
This is a good way to hear about many of the hot topics with pointers additional information.
Panel Members:   Andy Miller, Ross Beamish, Perry Reinert Did you attend the Conference?  We'd love to have 1-2 more people give their perspective of the conference!  If you're interested, just show up and/or let me know - [email protected].