To see slides from this presentation...Click Here. Where: IntraEdge (Google Map) 5660 W Chandler Blvd #1 Chandler, AZ 85226 Agenda: 6:00 Registration Food and Drink 6:25 Announcements 6:30 Begin the Meeting 8:00 Closing Messages and Announcements

Description:  The XP 2018 Conference & the 3X Model

Thene will share ideas, findings, and photos from the recent XP 2018 Agile Alliance conference in Portugal.  She’ll briefly discuss some of the “hot topics” at the conference, and then she’ll dig in deeper to one key topic, Kent Beck’s 3X model.  Thene will provide an overview of the 3X model and then lead a group discussion about how this model is changing the shape of her thinking about agile vs. waterfall, scaling concerns, and factory models for IT.

Speaker Bio:  Thene Sheehy

Thene has spent 35 years in IT, with roles from COBOL programmer (back in the dark ages), to Data Analyst/Architect and JAD Facilitator (in the Information Engineering years), IT Director, Project/Program Manager, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach. She has led teams of data analyst/architects, DBA’s, system/software designers, project managers, developers, business analysts, application admins, and scrum masters. She was instrumental in the creation of a strategic data model for a major airline and a long-distance telecom company, participated in the launch of the wireless industry, and created a strategic telemedicine technology architecture and roadmap for a healthcare system in the Midwest. She created a computer training center and internet café business, which doubled as a computer gaming center on weekends. Thene has worked with methodologies including structured analysis and design, information engineering, OO, iterative/spiral, and was most recently introduced to agile and scrum in 2013. Thene loves to work with highly productive teams in energizing and creative settings to solve big problems and create lasting solutions. She is currently with Ignite Technologies as a Project Manager.

Certifications: PMP (since 2005), PMI-ACP, CSP, SMC, SPOC, AEC, Trainer