We're very excited to be able to our first completely online meeting.  This is a great topic presented by Patricia and Kurt from Scrum.org.  They have spend A LOT of time on this topic. The Evidence-Based Management (EBM) framework identifies four Key Value Areas that give organizations an Agile focus to MEASURE and DELIVER real business value.


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Evidence-Based Management (EBM) - How do you measure and improve your ability to deliver value?

Agile organizations know that frequent inspection of results limits risk and improves the ability to deliver value. Their leaders manage investments based on ROI and value. At the same time, they work to influence the organization to create an adaptive culture that allows it to take advantage of opportunities before their competitors do.

Evidence-Based Management (EBM) is a framework organizations can use to help them measure, manage, and increase the value they derive from their product delivery. EBM helps organizations put their right measures in place to invest in the right places, make smarter decisions and reduce risk using an iterative and incremental approach. Using empiricism helps organizations to embrace agile principles and values, helping them seek a better way forward by delivering value, inspecting the results, and adapting their approach to improve.

Kurt Bittner and Patricia Kong from Scrum.org present the Evidence-Based Management framework and address the following questions:

  • What are organizations trying to achieve with agility?
  • What are organizations trying to achieve with measurement?
  • Why do traditional measures fail to achieve this?
  • How can EBM help you continuously improve?

Speaker Bio(s)

Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner

Patricia Kong is the Product Owner of the Scrum.org enterprise solutions program, which includes the Nexus Framework, Evidence-Based Management, Scrum Studio, and Scrum Development Kit. She is co-author of The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum published by Pearson. She is also a public speaker and mentor. She also created and launched the Scrum.org Partners in Principle Program. Patricia emerged through the financial services industry, and has led product development, product management and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe. At Forrester Research, Patricia worked with their largest clients focusing on business development and delivery engagements.

Kurt Bittner has more than 30 years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He has helped a wide variety of organizations adopt agile software delivery practices, including large banking, insurance, manufacturing, and retail organizations, as well as large government agencies. He has worked for or with large software delivery organizations including Oracle, HP, IBM, and Microsoft, and is a former technology industry analyst with Forrester Research. His focus is on helping organizations build strong, self-organizing, high-performance teams that deliver solutions that customers love. He is the author of four books on software development-related topics, including The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum. He is based in Boulder, Colorado and serves as VP of Enterprise Solutions for Scrum.org.